Carnival Draw, Grades and Prizes

The Draw
​Carnival players, both Championship and non Championship, have priority in all draws. Draws are the responsibility of each club. Following the Carnival closing date clubs may fill the remainder of their fields with local players.

The Draw for each game will be published no later than one week before each round, as follows:
  • Coral Cove - by 24th August 2018.
  • Bundaberg - by 26th August 2018.
  • Bargara - by 29th August 2018.
  • Hervey Bay - by 2nd September 2018.
  • ​Maryborough - by 5th September 2018

Draws will be published on the applicable club web site and will also be attached to the foot of this page. 

For enquiries about a Draw contact the relevant Club as follows:
  • Coral Cove: Teeny Patterson 0410 434 247
  • Bundaberg: Bill Pole 0431 173 507
  • Bargara: Ian Johnson 0409 592 939
  • Hervey Bay: Rob Heaney 0414 580 537
  • Maryborough: Ken Heselwood 0418 871 346

Championship Grades
The Carnival Championship is divided into three handicap Grades for men and three for women.
A Grade men and women will play Stroke, all other Grades will play Stableford. 

​Each Championship player will be allocated to a grade and will remain in that grade for the period of the Carnival. 

Your Handicap may change each day, on some days you may even be playing in a different grade, however your Carnival grade will not change and your score will be recorded against the grade to which you have been allocated.

A Grade Stroke players therefore must play out each hole and record their gross score for every game; even if playing Stableford in a daily competition.

The Grades for Championship players, based on GA Handicaps, are as follows :
  • Men A grade: 0 - 11.9
  • Men B grade: 12 - 18.9
  • Men C grade: 19 - 36
  • Women A grade: 0 - 18.9
  • Women B grade: 19 - 24.9 
  • Women C grade: 25 - 45

Grade Lists. The graded list of players entered in the Carnival Championship (based on GA Handicap on the closing date) is attached below. 

Remember if you are listed as an A Grade player, on the Championship Players by Grade list below, you must play out all holes, and record your Stroke score for all games, despite the fact that you might play Stableford in some Daily Games. This is especially important for players on the cusp between A and B Grades.

Championship Progressive Scores
Progressive scores for Carnival Championship players will be published on the "Progressive Scores" page on this site following each round.

Championship Prizes
Attached is the list of Championship Prizes. These prizes take the form of Woolworths Wish Gift Cards which are redeemable at:
  • Woolworths
  • Big W
  • Dan Murphy's
  • Celarmaster
  • Caltex Woolworths
  • Thomas Dux
  • BWS
Please note the changes made to the prize structure below, this year, to reflect the growing numbers.

Daily Grades and Handicaps
Playing Handicaps will change daily and Grades will be determined by each club based on the size of their fields.

Daily Results   
Results for each game will be published on club web sites and on the "Daily Results" page of this site.

Daily Prizes
​Daily prizes will be awarded by clubs for each game. The nature and number of these prizes will vary and are at the discretion of each club. 


Wide Bay Spring Carnival Prizes 2018

Download File

Bundaberg Draw Sunday 02-09-18

Download File

Hervey Bay Draw Sunday 09-09-18 and Monday 10-09-18 REVISED 03-09-18

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Championship players by Grade

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Bundaberg Draw Monday 03-09-18

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Maryborough Draw 12-09-18 REVISED 06-09-18

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Maryborough Draw 13-09-18 REVISED 06-09-18

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Coral Cove Draw Friday 31-08-18

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Revised Bargara Draw Wednesday 05-09-18

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Revised Bargara Draw Thursday 06-09-18

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