Wide Bay District Closed Championships

The event in 2021 was held at Hervey Bay, with Brian Lowder winning the Men’s Gross with a 75, and Robyn Robinson winning the Ladies’ Gross with an 87, both from Hervey Bay.

The 2020 Closed Championships were cancelled due to COVID.

Wide Bay District 4BBB Closed Championship

The 2020 4BBB Closed Championships to be held at Isis on 18th August were cancelled due to COVID.

Previous History and Honour Board

4BBB Closed Championship
YearVenueWinnersPointsRunners UpPoints
2014IsisVicki Wyeth
Margaret Dennett
52Jeff Slocombe
Lou Jessen
2017IsisNigel Radin
Gary Gretton
50Ken Backhaus
Chris Simpson
2018IsisMike Drew
Max Fenn
44Marilyn Foale
Terry Foale
43 c/b
2019IsisPeter Hrelja
Peter Steel
45Dennis O’Connor
Frank Burkett
* results unavailable